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With the initial launch of the “Creative Cloud", Adobe moved from a perpetual to a term licensing model. While it would take some time to be able to deliver constant value and improvements on a new monthly cadence, we wanted to immediately add additional value to the subscriber base.

With this in mind, we quickly created 5 touch apps (Collage, Debut, 

Ideas, Proto and Photoshop Touch) for the iPad and, later, iPhone.

My Role


My role within a highly aggressive timeline was to create and maintain a cohesive experience across the apps in several key areas including:

  • Navigation of Creative Cloud data. 

  • Layer/artboard selection from within a .psd or .ai file.

  • Color picker

  • Google, Flickr and local search. 

  • Determinant and indeterminate progress indicators.

  • Sign in and account creation.  

  • In-app purchases.

This was accomplished through the creation of core components which were then leveraged for reuse across all 5 apps, freeing the individual product designers to concentrate on adding unique value based on their particular users goals.

As one of the first common components from both a UI and a code view, the color picker was a cross-team effort with a half dozen collaborators each bringing their own products needs and domain expertise to bear.

To the right we have the HSB view of the color picker, with (A) showing the current color is shown in the colorchip, and the previous color history is accessible via a swipe gesture (B)

There is an affordance to the left of the current color showing the previously set color (in the event that the displayed color is not the most recent, the "next" color would be afforded to the right).


This same paradigm could be extended to brush shape, size or any of a number of other properties.

Another aspect of our mobile application initiative was working with the newly formed Bangalore India team. I partnered with a designer in this office on the design of Adobe Proto (precursor to Adobe Comp), providing general feedback as well as collaborating on the gestural shortcuts used as part of its key value proposition.


Within less than 6 months, we were able to get 5 touch applications out in a consistent manner (this for a company that had never shipped any product in less than a year). We had learned to work together in a different way, which allowed us to provide value to our customer in a more agile manner.

Media Quotes:

"The gesture and shape conversion was particularly impressive" - PCWorld

"Adobe's Touch Apps sure look sweet" - Android Central

"Together these apps create a compelling case for integrating an Android tablet into your creative workflow." - PC World

"We've been quite enamored with Adobe's demos of iPad / Photoshop interactivity for some time" - Engadget

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