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A360's free online viewer allows anyone to view and share their 2D and 3D designs in a web browser, without requiring a download or plug-ins of any kind.


*A360 viewer is live - try it out for free.

My Role

It started with ​an question over lunch. "Why do we hide out best technology behind what is essentially a paywall?"

A product manager and I were taking a break from an engagement with an outside vendor when we asked ourselves this question. We quickly agreed that many people were overserved by the current A360 product and just wanted to view their files.

How might we... use our viewing technology as a low-end disruptor to the market?  A quick cocktail napkin sketch later we had the genesis of our idea. I quickly returned to the office and put together some wireframes and a small PPT deck fleshing this out.


We socialized the concept with the VP of our business unit, after which it was picked up as a product initiative and assigned to a scrum team. 


With over 350k monthly active users, A360s free online viewer is off to an excellent start. It has a full scrum team permanently assigned to its development, and has been constantly refining its experience based on data-driven insight (and is often used as an example of how proper instumentation can aid in data driven design)

Some feedback:

"It just works. You don’t need to download or install any plug-ins. Unlike Autodesk’s A360 Drive, it doesn’t require a login either" -The CAD Blog

"With its straightforward drag and drop interface, it's child's play when it comes to uploading and viewing your CAD files."

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