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With the goal of obtaining deeper insight into how governmental agencies purchased products, we set out to gather enough behavioral information on the appropriate demographic to define personas with which we could update the existing designs and validate new features. We also documented existing pain points towards the goal of informing both our enterprise product and web strategies.

We visited key decision makers and those who used and/or purchased our products. Visits occurred in 3 cities over 2 months, with a total of 18 customer (and potential customer) visits

Data was analyzed, workflows determined and a set of personas created to aid in the communication of our findings

More importantly, I was able to get key stakeholders from within Adobe to get out and see our customers in the field; building both consensus and empathy for our customers.

Our take aways were:

  • Participants came to seeking information on products and services to solve an identified problem or need.

  • Agencies wanted proof our solutions were already successful within other agencies like their own.

  • Agencies then want to know how our solutions will work within their existing architecture.

  • Government agencies expected enterprise vendors to provide “thought leadership".

My Role

I was brought on to the team to act as a change agent and bring formative research into the design process.  More importantly, I was brought in to help build consensus through a shared understanding of our customers needs.


The government solution pages were redesigned with an emphasis on first providing credibility, then technical information/benefits, while increasing the touch points through which they could contact a sales rep.

Case studys were initiated to...

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